Dirk H. Wagner Mining Consulting can rely on a network of experienced independent consultants for carrying out more complex projects. To this network belong among others:

Dr. Wolf Dieter Bock

Exploration- and mining geologist with more than 25 years experience in metal ore, European Geologist (EurGeol), Competent Person.

E-Mail: wolf-dietrich.bock[at]

Dr. Frank Wrobel

more than 20 years experience in geological modeling and resource estimation, experienced in  Surpac ™, Minex ™ and Datamine ™. European Geologist (EurGeol), Competent Person.

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Dr. Werner Unland

Hydrogeologist and environmental expert with more than 30 years experience in mining, experience in ecvaluation of projects according to "equator principles", accredited expert for mining water and impact of mining on waterbodies.

E-Mail: wunland[at]

Dr. Jürgen Hermann

Mining engineer with more than 30 years experience in mine planning and economic evaluation of mining projects and operations.

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Dipl-Ing. Uwe Bruder

More than 30 years experience in mechanical  process engineering and processing of ores, minerals and recycling products.

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Ingenieurbüro Ostenrieder

offers geological modeling services with the mining software Maptek Vulcan and laser scanning of e.g. open pits, underground cavities, dumps amd heaps, etc.. The evaluation of the  scans are carried out with Maptek I-Site Studio.

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